Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Almost Tea Bagged by a Dick Armey....

Before I begin, let me say I think the Democrats will lose seats in November. BUT retain Congress and Senate majorities, and obviously independents are the key. The "tea party" is scaring the independents to the left, but a weak willed administration may bore them into being lazy and staying home. The republican amount of white christian conservative voters is greater then the minority. Plus Liberal vote is off and they know it. They also know that a predominantly negative campaign makes the independent voter weary and suppresses the turn out. That being said, I think the GOP have lost control of the pseudo grass roots movement the "tea party". They have allowed them to become the Ralph Nader of the right and split the conservative vote. Michelle batshit Bachmans tea party caucus is a feeble attempt to bring them back into the conservative tent. I say pseudo grass roots and not astro turf because im giving the tea party foot soldier, the benefit of the doubt. And believe me, they are not aware of there roots in the Dick Armey led Freedom works organization. Although they should have asked who paid for the buses that brought them to the events or who the people were waiting at the bus stops with water, doughnuts, energy drinks and professionally made signs . I believe President Obama taking to the campaign trail is vital for november victory he has to halt his recent dash to the centre right and come back home to the centre left. His base still has hope and faith in him as proven by the recent Colorado Democratic primary. The jesus christ of the left Bill Clinton endorsed Andrew Romanov , President Obama endorsed Micheal Bennet , Bennet won by 9 points. President Obama has recently taken a pounding by the "professional left" maybe instead of Robert Gibbs and his boy wonder side kick Dan Burton whining about them Obama could use the criticism to see the error of his ways and come home. President Obama I guarantee all will be forgiven. The messianic maniac Glenn Beck only 2 weeks from stepping all over Martin Luther Kings memory is now prophesizing a miracle at his 8/28 rally. No I'm not kidding, he actually said he feels a miracle will happen. Liberals this should be music to our ears, we should happily encourage this kind of dialogue. Shout from the rooftops that Sharon Angle said pregnant rape victims should make lemonade out of lemons or that she wants an armed response if she loses to Harry "wheres my spin" Reid. Rejoice when Rand Paul talks about repealing the civil rights bill or when Mark "I would make love to myself if I could turn around fast enough" Rubio tries to convince people that taking money from the middle class and giving it to the rich helps the poor. Or when Rush "wheres my viagra little boy" Limbaugh says that the media give Michelle Obama a pass for going on vacation because of slavery. Or when Glenn Beck (yes him again) said waking up in Obamas America is like waking up on planet of the apes. YES HE ACTUALLY SAID THAT!! If the Obama administration can learn the definition of the word populist and finally, FINALLY get the message right, watch the independents run panicked en masse form the zombies of the right to the soft welcoming bosom of the left . My point is, at the moment the democratic message machine is a model T ford to the republicans mercedes mclaren but that merc is pulling and pulling a wheel-less tea party trailer, possibly handing victory to the dems for years to come. So I say from the bottom of my heart, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Bachman, Mark Rubio, Sharon Angle, fox noise and the tea baggers, PLEASE CONTINUE TO ACT THE MAGGOT! Because as a great man once said "there is nothing false about hope ".

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