Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fox employee accused of journalism and replies "HOW DARE YOU, MY PARENTS WERE MARRIED"

Sorry its been a while I promise not to leave it so long next time. Well, wasn't last night just lovely? America on the brink of breaking free of a recession (most economists say its actually over and GDP and job growth rose steadily under obama) about to reform dubyas tax lunacy, health care for the poor, immigration reform on the table, and america rising like a phoenix (the bird not that immigration sanctuary in Arizona) from the flames of conservative values! And what do you do? Run screaming back to 1930. I say that but I cant completely blame the right. President Obama was handed a golden opportunity to finally show the world the true strength of America... liberty and justice FOR ALL. He was elected on a hunger for change, a hunger to finally tell the corporations that America and its citizens could not be bought and sold like  blips on a wall street computer screen, to show that America belongs to the people. The soul of the USA is populism, YOU WERE SOOO CLOSE. Then they came.... the loud, the angry and the uninformed. They attacked the poor (last night rand paul said there were no poor in America and rush Limbaugh said starving kids should be made to dumpster dive for breakfast, strong words from a well fed multi millionaire) and the sick (Palin suggested the government would execute senior citizens, sharon angle used air quotes for autistic children). They attacked intelligence, (Apparently knowing stuff is bad. Tucker Carlson said too many kids are going to college) education (Beck, Stuart Varney, Sean Hannity, Rand Paul, plus 111 republican incumbants and candidates want to eliminate the dept of education...SERIOUSLY) and brown people. The racism that came from the right in this election was unbelievable, just look at Sharon obtuse Angle and David spank me Vitters, campaign commercials. They dont like taxes (YOU HAVE TO PAY TAXES FOR YOUR COUNTRY TO RUN ITS, THE ADULT THING TO DO) they dont like health care for everybody, they only like freedom of speech if they are talking, they want to cut spending yet NOT ONE, NOT ONE can say where they would cut spending, their only solition is tax cuts. Math lesson: You can not give out less than you take in so, you cannot pay the defecit without collecting tax. Its literally that simple. They claim to be "for the people" yet stayed silent when arizona sold brown citizens to private prisons, claim to be constitutional purists yet demand the repelation of any amendment they don't agree with or just deny that the consitution says what it says (thanks for the giggles Christine O'Donnell). They claim to be main street not wall street yet 104 repubs want to privatize social security. Oh yes they are for the people, the white christian conservative people, everybody else are apparently not american. And dont give me any of that "the tea party are neither dem or repub" crap all 130 tea party or tea party affiliated candidates have an R after the name. BUT who do I blame? Do I blame the lying right wing corperation bought scum bags who have dragged America backwards? No, I blame 2 groups, number one, Fox Noise. The shilling they have done this cycle for repubs is astounding, they allowed candidate after candidate from the right on to lie, bloviate and fund raise. Christine O'Donnell said "I have Sean Hannity in my back pocket", Sharon Angle said "I go on Fox News because the others wont ask the questions I want to answer and wont let me fund raise", Sarah Palin told the tea party candidtates to only go on Fox News. More than 30 Fox News personalities have endorsed, raised money, or campaigned for Republican candidates or organizations in more than 600 instances. The Republican support has been given to more than 300 different races or party organizations in at least 47 states five potential 2012 Republican presidential candidates who currently have relationships with Fox News. The five potential candidates -- John Bolton, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, and Rick Santorum -- have appeared 269 times on Fox News and a total of six times on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and CBS combined. Fox aired and repeated every lie and flasehood put forward by the right even after they were debunked, i.e. Shirley Sherrod and the fake anti Miller campaign by ABC in Alaska put forward by that idiot Sarah Palin. Fox parent company news corp donated 1.25million to the republican governers association. This year they stop even trying to be objective. The other person I blame is.... people like you. The person reading and agreeing with this post, you know who you are and should feel appropriatly guilty for not getting off your ass and saving your own country. You should be ashamed if u didnt vote, its not just your right its your duty. You have cut President Obamas legs off, you have allowed your country, your identity, to be sold into slavery to big corporations. You are all now slaves to a system that is going to chew your middle class ass up and spit you out. You had an opportunity to protect the poor from these theiving corrupt bastards and you failed. Democrats, you turned your back and decided to sit around bitching and moaning that Obama didnt save the world and fix all your problems in 2 years. You have allowed a fake lying conman like Glenn Beck beat you, you allowed the anti obama racists to beat you. And the next 2 years of pain and frustration are on your head. Only now with your help and pressure can president Obama rediscover the courage for change he had in 2008, only when you rediscover your passion for your country and its people. Will you rise again as a beacon of progressive change the world is crying out for? Every vote is a voice, every voice can be heard if you shout as one. Take back your country. It shouldnt be for sale.

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